Five of Swords, Raven's Prophecy


Theme: "Balancing Logic-Creativity"

A lot of creativity flowing now - planning a "track system" :D

I'm quite sure that the card doesn't really refer solely to that "material/outer" aspect though..!
As Tarot and such typically (in my case) refers to inner work - which merely gets mirrored in the outer world!


Card: Five of Swords
"All of the fives indicate adversity, and in the fractious suit of the swords, it is uglier than most."
And so on...

I assume it's a continuation from yesterday's mysterious cards, which I didn't really connect to. And it continues to go below my radar. But I have it all with me in my awareness, and gratefully accepts every new bit of information, and know unveiling and understanding will come in due (and appropriate) time - and in this way I'm as prepared as I can when that time arrives! 
Honestly, I do have some suspicions, but I stay detached from them too, and let them mingle in the background with the rest of the information!

I can still use some of the tips though:

" could avoid the destruction this card warns of and not choose to fight. Be the better person, even if it means swallowing your pride or setting aside the conflict for another time."

I can stay extra alert, and put extra focus on keeping out of conflict for the time being.

"This isn't the time to push forward"

Which is also quite straight-forward advice, and connecting to the one about - as pushing forward typically could lead to conflict!