Five of Swords + The World, Radiant Rider Waite + Rabbit


Don't 'turn the world your back' because of old lingering fears :) 

So, the day before yesterday we had the reversed sun, and yesterday the indication of not daring to 'expose' yourself - while being in a phase of learning and/or treading new territory in some way.  
Today we have the whole thing playing out in the cards.

We have the 'school deck' (in my 'system') showing 'conflict', and we have the deck of fears (in my 'system') showing The World up-side down.
It's not fun to be 'new' at something. New often meaning "bad", as you're in a learning process. I think of (like me) being 'new at your job', or learning new stuff, or 'new in town'. For some it just means pure excitement, for others (like me) it means "uncomfortable". It means 'fear of doing mistakes'.

But know you're on the right path, and that the uncomfortable feelings are just that - fears! Not truths :)

New shoes can give pain before they've adjusted to your feet. The best thing is to walk in them short periods of time, often - not put them on and walk in them 24/7. Not push it. Not 'fight it' :)
The whole World IS available to you, and maybe even a 'New World' will open up. Maybe you know it deep inside, but your head prefer to linger on past experiences, when the world didn't open up, when you tried new things just to 'end up in yet another a blind alley - AGAIN'.
But they weren't blind alleys. All you've been through and done has lead you HERE. It nurtured your growth. Prepared you for...THIS?!     

So, keep on walking, making those new shoes adjust to your feet!
Even though you're not the best at what you do yet - radiate who you ARE!
It's not what you do - it's how (and why) you do it.

Deck: Radiant Raider Waite
Theme: "school time"
Card: Five of Swords 

Deck: Rabbit Tarot
Theme: "managing/facing fear"
Card: The World (R)