Five of Wands, Light Grey Tarot


Theme: collaboration (a deck illustrated by 78 different artists, from all over the world), or: everything isn't black or white

Five of Wands - the card of conflict, disagreement and strife.

"clashing personalities or egos, pent up energy and aggression, irritation and frustration" (thetarotguide)


But reversed (as it was in this case):

"represents the end of rows, arguments, conflict, fighting and disagreements. It signifies ending struggles, finding common ground or solutions, reaching agreements, compromise, cooperation, peace and harmony." (thetarotguide)

And if you look at this particular W5 there are (fittingly) quite happy faces!

Children playing, exploring and testing their strengths!

The feeling when your opposing inner forces finally come to terms with each other. Finally accept each others existence, different perspectives and abilities - and even begin to actually see, encourage and lift each other!
When they have decided that the most important thing is to be happy - and then encourage the others to be it as well!
Collaboration - as the deck itself hints at!


A lovely, encouraging and correlating trend: my dreams are getting more, and more positive in their nature! Coincidence? Not if you ask me! :)

And, this is pretty much where I ended yesterday, remember? 

There I mentioned "inspire to self-awareness, self-realisation and mirror living!"
Here you have a beautiful image of it!  

Another formulation: Joyfully and curiously sparring each other to become our best and happiest selves! <3 


I love synchronicity and the unfolding of life (just like sitting in the cinemas watching a movie unfold)! :)