Five of Wands, New Vision Tarot


W5 (R) could be about shrinking from a disagreement - keeping your mouth shut, in fear of 'making a scene', or creating unnecessary tension. But maybe it's a much needed tension?! That parties involved would grow from - considering yesterday's advice 'not to shrink'/tell the truth?!
Or at least - the opportunity for all to grow. You can only choose what YOU want to make of a situation - others have free will to choose whatever they want to make of a situation. 
You can choose to be the best you can be, do your lessons as good as you can, and growth from whatever you experience - what others do is, actually, non of your business..!
But the better you do - the higher are the chance that those around you 'do well' :)

Better not try to 'control the situation' - but control yourself! 
(Right before bed yesterday, I pulled 'Surrendering to the Journey - Release control' from my lovely Sacred Traveler Oracle)

Minding your own business isn't the easiest thing when you 'share business' - but that's the challenge I guess!

Considering the deck theme, there seems to be the opportunity for us to see this matter of disagreement/tension in a new way. Maybe even see how/understand why someone else have avoided to face something challenging.

I would suggest focusing more on self-control and curiosity in understanding the situation, rather than on trying to control the situation/others, 'being right' and/or the tension itself. 
Whatever would be 'new' to you in this situation - try it - the outcome might positively surprise you ("release of tension" being another way of interpreting the W5 (R))
Whatever happens you will be given the opportunity to learn something new - as always! ;)

Deck: New Vision Tarot
Theme: "looking at it from a new angle/learning new perspectives"
Card: Five of Wands (R)