Five of Wands + Page of Wands, Fire + Glastonbury


Themes: "inner fire" + "mirror living / a look in the mirror"

Fire Tarot: Five of Wands (R)
"Vishnu and Brahma are separated by a column of fire. A power struggle. Passionate characters,"
Glastonbury Tarot: Maid of Staffs
"...signals that you now feel free enough, and confident enough, to be truly yourself. Fears and insecurities are about to be vanquished, and the feeling coming in is that nothing is impossible. Allow yourself to feel a child-like optimism about the future, as all your needs will be met."
"You do not need to rely on support this time, because you are aware of your own inner strength, and you are in the process of attracting others to you who are equally strong and independent."
"Are you now ready to stand in your power and fully express it?"


"The Five of Wands reversed suggests that you are facing internal conflict and are unclear on where you stand on important issues."
"You have others around you who have strong views about what you should do and this is creating an enormous amount of tension and disagreement. Just when you think you have a clear perspective, someone challenges you on it, or you discover new information, and you change your standpoint again. This process is beneficial and will help you come to a well-researched and well-thought-out viewpoint. Know, too, that there is no right answer, and someone will disagree with the path you choose, so find the option that sits best with you. Align your head and your heart to discover a sense of peace within yourself."
"On a more personal level, you have worked through your anger and hostility and feel more secure in your relationships. You do not have to prove yourself anymore." (biddy)