Five of Wands, White Cats Tarot


Theme: "Integrity; pure intentions"

Card: Five of Wands
"True conflicts are best resolved through dialogue."

I don't actually think there are any true conflicts to resolve in my 'situation'. Other than the ones in me. The ego disagrees, of course.
Of course there are conflicts inside 'the other' too, but as they are much more unconscious I can see no other way than to focus on my own - conflict-wise. And not on the personally perceived "tension in the air" - coming from things "not being the way I like/want them". 

My first responsibility is to resolve the conflicts residing inside myself - and not the ones in another (if not asked for help to do it). And continue to keep my intentions pure and work on my integrity (as to not become a push-over because of not "speaking up").
I'm not talking about avoiding conflicts, but to promote and work for harmony instead - first inside myself, and then let that radiate outwards. Not because I'm explicitly afraid of conflict, but because participating in conflict and exercising negative energy makes me feel really, really bad inside. 
Sure, it doesn't feel good to "swallow" certain things, actions and attitudes - but I feel much, much worse entering conflicts because of them. Or rather, because of letting my opinions/feelings of the same take charge of MY actions - and behave/act/talk in the very much the same way.

You can't fight resistance with resistance (fire with fire). 


True, conscious, conflicts can most probably and certainly be resolved trough dialogue - but not so likely perceived, felt or unconscious ones.