Four of Cups + Eight of Swords, I Am One + Hobbit


Theme: "I Am..." - what/who do you want to be?, everything is connected after all + "an unexpected journey"

I Am One Tarot: 4 pear of tears ('Four of Cups') - Luxury (R)
"glamour; showoff; expensiveness; fa├žade; excuses"
Hobbit Tarot: Eight of Swords (R)
"Frustration, the need for patience, feelings of restriction and isolation, lack of power. This card shows how difficult it can be to get out of certain scenarios and regain freedom. Waiting around passively to be rescued is a coward's way out. This card says it may well take time to 'wiggle' out of one's present situation, but that may be the only way out. To extricate ourselves from a romantic involvement or other relationship can be a painful and long, drawn-out process. Feelings of entrapment can weaken us, and engender futility and hopelessness. Remember that it may take a lot of time and perseverance to break free.
Reversed, this card indicates a tendency to accept being bound by life's circumstances, and using one's own vulnerability as a shield.