Four of Cups, Mibramig Magical Tarot


Theme: "Reluctance regarding taking on responsibility"

Deck: Mibramig Magical Tarot
Card: Four of Cups (R)
"relationships that are too close become suffocating" And I'm taking (am given) a breathing pause now.

I'm pondering deeply which 4th cup to accept. I don't just grab anyone no more.

"Retreat, withdrawal, checking in for alignment" I'm really pondering whether, how, and why a cup offered is related to my path. Making sure that every step I take is in alignment. I'm treading lightly now.
Strength reversed as Card of the Week at Biddy's.
I'm careful to not let someone undermine me now - consciously or unconsciously.
"You are retreating into your own inner world so you can concentrate on what is integral to you and what grounds you." Right now that feels like my greatest responsibility, although my head may resist the the delicate work.
"Instead of saying 'yes' straight away, step back and assess the situation first."