Four of Cups + Seven of Pent's, Fountain + Art of Life


Themes: interconnectedness, the source + the Art of Life and Living

Fountain Tarot: Four of Cups - Blind Disillusion
"A man slumps in a corner, brooding over his current situation. What once had  satisfied him now brings boredom and discontent. He waivers between self-reflection and disillusionment but is dangerously close to melancholy. As he stews in his emotions, his ability to see another option is clouded. If he can shake the self-pity, he will remember that he has options and that the bounty around him will start to become obvious again. When the Four of Cups appears in your reading, quit focusing on the empty cups; possibility is closer than you think."
"Reversal: taking action, seeing possibilities, impending new relationships and experiences, a breakthrough in self-awareness."
Art of Life Tarot: Seven of Pentacles
"Harvest, accomplishments, rewards"
"With time and patience the mulberry tree becomes a silk gown"