Four of Cups + Seven of Swords, Raider Waite + African American


Themes: "Ego interference" or "stuck in tradition" + "Back to the roots"

Raider Waite Tarot: Four of Cups
This one popped out clearly...
Stop focusing on earthly matters and things you "think you want to do" (because you momentarily feel to). Your doings should originate from spirit or needs from the soul. You KNOW how that intuitive feeling differs from a feeling coming from "base wants". With irritation in its wake. 
African American Tarot: Seven of Swords
Also clear in its image.
Thoughts. Wants from the ego. An Ego in deceit.
"C'mon, lets do this!"
Put down that mask and drop imaginary wants, and really feel what you feel inside. It's not for you. Drink. 
Yes. I know it's annoying getting caught. I know your intentions were "good". I understand the irritation and anger. Feel it. Release it. 
You've been here before, you know the drill.
No reason to moan. 
The lion looks quite admonishing...! Tired of tricks!
"Hidden plans, bold attempt, idle chatter"
"The baboon (tries to) trick(s) the lion"