Four of Cups + Strength, This Might Hurt + Bosch


Sometimes it hurts (the Ego) to say no. Sometimes it's highly necessary to take time for yourself. To realign with your soul, and really become conscious (more of the right side is visible) of your situation - what you have, and what your next step should be. Something you can't 'figure out', but only 'let come to you'.
When you know, you Know.

It can be extra advisable to say no, if the proposal/offering comes from a hand of someone living in a dream world of some sorts. A world made of skewed perspectives, and a general weird  outlook on life - not wanting to, or being able to, see things as they are. Or someone who just doesn't have the courage (reversed Strength) to see what's going on and/or face his/her own shit - AND (importantly), maybe isn't ready To Being Shown It.
It's not our job to tell a brother were he is wrong.
Who says he is?

Your work is to do what's right for YOU, in any given situation. 
And now, it seems (if you're in some form of alignment with my energy field), that the right thing to do is to say (AGAIN, a High Quality) NO, breathe, go inside, and let things take care of itself for a while!

This High Quality No has been on display for many days now - and here it's "beyond interpretation", it's there, right in front of us.
I guess the Universe Really mean it :)

But maybe there's still lingering resistance to the whole thing - double reverse. Maybe you have troubles saying no - in this silent way at least..! To just Be No. Without explanations. 
And without telling the other about all the things he/she should see/do otherwise. 
Without pointing out the weaknesses (reversed strength) in the other.
Trusting that the other are where he/she needs to be, and that the universe takes care of his/hers lessons (too) :)

This Might Hurt Tarot: Four of Cups (R)
For you having this deck, you know it says the quite opposite! Feel free to explore that for yourself - but I go with my gut on this one, in this particular combination! :)
Bosch Tarot: Strength (R)
"The weakness of the enemy who appeared to be invincible is revealed when one ceases to flee." "Bad behaviour" typically comes from fear, or hurt (a symptom of fear). Weakness. Why beat the fellow? You wouldn't slap a person with an open flesh wound right in it - but we have a tendency to slap a person acting from an inner wound, right in it. 


It's easy to give love to a loving person. But a person acting/talking in an unloving way is even more in need of our love...! 
And in some moments the most loving thing to do/say is No. 
I don't ask.
I will find out, eventually.