Four of Cups, The Light Seer's Tarot


The Light Seer's Tarot. By my own choice, as I'm travelling and decided to only bring three decks by choice with me.

Card: Four of Cups
"If you are finding yourself bored, unsatisfied, or frustrated with your current situation, know that you are likely missing the vibrant landscapes that are present just beyond your peripheral vision. Often we become so focused on our own internal perspectives that our feelings about a situation can prevent us from noticing the arrival of extraordinary opportunities and remarkable things. If you remain open to shifting ever so slightly in order to see your situation in a fantastic new light, you will learn that the present moment is filled with the most dynamic magic. Instead of focusing on what you don't have right, focus on what you do! Even better, spend energy focusing your thoughts on the experiences that you will create in the future. Taking time to meditate and slow your mind show you that life is better than it seems. It's up to you to shift into the abundance available to you right now."
Reversed "SHADOW SEER: focusing on the negative, pessimism, a time to practice gratitude, a gentle nudge to stop complaining."