Four of Earth, Dreams of Gaia Tarot


Theme: if the Earth could speak / from the Perspective of the Earth ("there are greater/other perspectives than your own")

CARD: Four of Earth ('Four of Pentacles')
Key Phrases:
"Slow and steady progress"
"One step at the time"
"Rest and recharge"
"Do not make hasty decisions"
"...a happy and rewarding outcome is close at hand. Remember, however, that the key to completing large or long-term projects is in making slow and steady progress. The key is to put one brick on top of the other, to persevere and continue to built, even when you feel you want to give up. It is to remain stoic and positive in the face of hardship, knowing that experiencing frustration, fear, and doubt will only serve to weigh you down and slow your momentum."
"...encourages not giving up, even if weariness dogs your every move."
"Take heart, take a moment to rest and recharge, and then continue forward with the same level of dedication."
" not let impatience and frustration to cloud your judgement and lead to hasty decisions."

Dark Purple From Dreams of Gaia Book


(I dreamed about this dark skinned fellow tonight - I clearly remember those penetrating eyes)