Four of Pentacles, Javanne Tarot


Break a pattern!

(one of my earliest decks, one which I really like and connect easily with, through the texts rather than the images though)

I think we're still on the New Beginning theme that's been cooking for the past three days.
This new abstract thing, that can be felt but not seen.
Trust the feeling!

You know the 'truth' and the drill by now!
That the best things doesn't come from the brain, from worrying or from controlling things.
Time to break that pattern for good!
(note: the man coming through the circle is breaking a pattern)

"stop tormenting yourself. Nobody gains by this and you undermine all joy in life"

Let go the fear of 'risking' what you have - you know there's more and 'better' waiting for you!
Again - no drama - don't forcefully stop it, or think in terms of "give it up".
Just ... let it go! 
"place the case in the hands of God"
God knows and sees all direction - you just ... don't (:

What does it matter what's coming?
By now, you know that what comes is what's best for you.
That's how the universe works.
Show it that you know it!

Make room for the new by cleaning out the old - that shit you know blocking your door (hindering something "better" to come in) ;)

Deck: Javanne Tarot
Theme: "to paint a dream", "that which comes to you effortlessly", "free yourself from the brain", choice-less awareness

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