Four of Pentacles, Maat Tarot


Theme: Maat is the "personification of truth, justice, and the cosmic order"

Card: Four of Pentacles (used to get this a lot in the very beginning of my Tarot-journey, less nowadays - only 5 times in the CoD series, compared to 11 of the ones I've gotten the most)
"The image for the 4 of Coins is a farmer and his wife deep in their well-stocked root cellar. The farmer and his wife know the winter is coming and are preparing for the lean days ahead."
"This card could also be a symbol of creating your own sacred space. It is about having good physical boundaries."
"In a Reading: Represents thrift. It suggests that in times of wealth and abundance one should save for the future when times could be lean."


Reversed, possible thoughts.
"The reversed Four of Pentacles can appear when you are re-evaluating what's important to you..."
"You may have placed too much value on material possessions and have now come to the realization that money and 'things' won't make you happy - only love will make you happy."
"You may be spending unconsciously, hoping it will bring happiness, but all it does is bring you more stress and anxiety as your bank balance declines."
"Finally, the Four of Pentacles can appear in a Tarot reading when you are in self-protection mode. You have a strong desire for security, stability and certainty and you are doing everything within your power to create a stable environment for yourself. Even when your outer world seems chaotic and in a constant state of change, you can create more certainty for yourself by controlling your inner environment. You might find tidying the house or organizing your things to be calming and relaxing under these circumstances."