Four of Swords, Law of Attraction Tarot


Theme: "send out the energy you want to receive" or "the soul attracts what it needs"

Again. Only a week ago since last visit! 

Card: Four of Swords - Solitude
"adversity or failure that causes one to withdraw into himself. Failure to make your dream come true."

I can't say I feel this way in any extreme way at the moment - and believe me, I have felt this way many, many times, very often, for long periods..!
Rather, I'm leaving this feeling more and more behind me. Or, rather, because I'm leaving the very same attitude/thought pattern/perception more and more behind me?

Sure, the feeling is persistent and somewhat built in me, but I'm learning more and more about the source and meaning of it, and how it's now mirrored to me in my vicinity?