Four of Swords + The World, Mystic Mondays + Anna K


Themes: ""Good Vibes!" + "don't be afraid to be human"

Mystic Mondays: Four of Swords
"Recharge, Savasana, Rest"
"Savasana, the yoga pose of deep restoration, is the ultimate act of conscious surrender. Doing absolutely nothing is harder than it sounds, but that's exactly what the Four of Swords is asking you to do! Facing challenges becomes easier when we give ourselves a moment to breathe. Use this time to recharge that engine, so that you have enough energy for the next challenge ahead."
"Regenerate your power so that you can show up fully in your relationships, activities, and life."
Anna K Tarot: The World
"...the card with perhaps the most beautiful meaning in the whole deck. It symbolizes becoming One, both in the sense of the integration of all aspects of the personality and in the sense of oneness with the cosmos."
"...the feeling of having finally found your place in the world, of having found your spiritual home."
" arrival with which you are not soon bored and driven to leave again - the arrival is eternal."