Four of Wands, D Didactic Tarot


Theme: "designed or intended to teach

Deck: D Didactic Tarot
Card: Four of Fire
"Seasons Turning"
"From the shards they claimed it, drawing forth the perfect power. They acquired the ability to BE and see and wish for something beyond themselves."
"excited, empowered, a timely and useful answer, a blessing of sorts, foundation for the future, bask in the glory"

I sense that the cards still hoovers around The Conversation ("enforced sacrifice") two days ago.
Yesterday it was revealed to me that I did in fact "shop his head off", in a further attempt to enlighten him on other's peoples (my) feelings on some of his behaviour and apparent illusion he lives in - indeed with the intention to 'teach him something'. Indeed in a somewhat "harsh" manner, but nonetheless in a much less harsh manner than I used to "tell" people things, as I'm really taking my time before I make confrontations nowadays. I wait until the timing seems right and/or until it's "forced upon" me, like this time - as there will never be "the right time" - as he is 'slick as an eel', well experienced in avoiding conversation and communication, and self-reflection. Given these conditions it's basically impossible (at least for me, for the time being) not to appear or be perceived as punishing, hurtful and/or reprimanding when trying to bring up my observations and feelings regarding some of his behaviour.

But I take comfort in how the cards continues to present the situation for me. 
In some - or many ways - it's about success, and by all means 'seasons turning'.
I've been managing to stay patient and await "a right moment" - "this fishing incident" - before lightening my heart.
I conveyed my words in positive/neutral energy (although some words were hard/negative) and remained calm and as loving as I possibly could.
I totally let the whole thing - and as usual, him - go when "done". Released him to do whatever he wants with this, and "happily returned to enjoying my own life" - and have truly managed to do that, to an extent never achieved before...! THAT can certainly be labelled success! 

Creating Authentic power from the 'shards' of this relationship, and acquiring the ability to BE and see and wish for something beyond myself.

Unfortunately I don't think he feels the success, but hopefully his soul does in one way or another <3