Four of Wands, Egyptian Tarot


An inner sense of achievement, but not yet time to lean back and celebrate, because there are things left to do.
Still work to be done (as indicated yesterday) - and that not merely for yourself, but for the greater good/the community. And you don't want to turn your back on the community (day before yesterday) :)

Your ego might be mighty tired by now, thinking there's no way you're going to endure (and/or that there's nothing to celebrate).
Which might be because it's still tricky to see what all the work you put in will lead.
It's a common expression of the ego - being resistant to roll up your sleeves when there's little or no obvious 'pay-off' - or having a hard time feeling pleased when there's still so much 'missing/left to do'! 

Or - feeling it a challenge to do your duties 'out there' when there's something 'unresolved' within the family/household.   

But, carry on my dear, You can do it!
The universe will guide you through it - if you let it, and listen up!

Sometimes the best way to help yourself is to help others!
Either because of the sheer feeling of belonging/contributing, or because the solution to your 'problem' appears while you do - as you are at the right place at the right time doing the right thing (hopefully) with the right attitude (of gratitude)!

Deck: Egyptian Tarot
Theme: "Civilisational (evolutionary/non-personal) duties/responsibilities"
Card: Four of Wands (R)