Four of Wands, Many Doors Tarot


Theme: "Which door to open?"

Yes, there's so much to do (many doors "waiting to be opened") - if you ask my head, my rational thinking and the general perception of what responsibility is - as I wrote about shortly yesterday.
Yesterday there was a hint about rejoicing being "blocked", today there's celebration and homecoming in the cards. I sense that that I'm "doing things right, but have limited capacity to feel and enjoy it", because "my head gets in the way, and neither understand what's going on, nor my choices/priority"?

To me it looks like the figures on the card are looking away over the horizon.
Celebrating and rejoicing something beyond, something yet to come, that I cannot see at the moment.

Deck: Many Doors Tarot
Card: Four of Wands
No interpretations available.

"The Four of Wands tells you that after a period of rapid growth and expansion (the energy of the Three of Wands), it's now time to pause and celebrate what you have achieved so far. Step back for a moment and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Acknowledge your hard work and give yourself permission to take a small break before embarking on the next phase of your journey. It's essential you observe these smaller milestones."
"In numerology, four symbolises stability and firm foundations, and with the Four of Wands, you are now enjoying a period of happiness and security." (biddy) And Wands are about enthusiasm, spirituality and passion. So, spiritually speaking, I'm doing something right. There's a spiritual homecoming, a satisfied soul, or something along those lines.