Four of Wands, Steampunk Tarot


Theme: "managing a traditional (mechanical) world/mindset"

Deck: Steampunk Tarot
Card: Four of Wands (R)
"If you don't have a good time, it's your own silly fault!"
"Core meaning: celebrating the culmination of event or the achieving of a goal"
"Structure and stability do not seem like natural friends for such an energetic element. What we see here, though, is that the right sort of structure can let fire shine even brighter."
"Today is a special day...because they have decided to make it special."
"If you get invited to this party, you have probably finished up a creative endeavor and are ready to celebrate your achievement. More than likely, the project will have been a group effort"

"You do not feel compelled to proclaim this achievement to others, instead choosing to create your own special reward for the hard work you put in. You may also be in the midst of your journey and yet to reach the finish line, hence preferring to honour this mini-milestone privately. When you finally do arrive at the finish line, it'll be worth celebrating with friends and family."
"You may also go through a period of transition in your family and home life and experience some discomfort as a result." (biddy)