Four of Wands + Two of Swords, Servants of the Light + Sidhe


Themes: "In the Service of Bringing Light" + "the gift of..."

Servants of the Light: Four of Staves (R)
"red roses for love, white lilies for purity and the possibility for marriage, purple grapes for harvesting of good fortune and happiness, and apples for fruitfulness in all areas of life." "all you ever wanted from life" Four of Wands - the Card of the Week over at Biddy's. Usually I clearly feel connected with the energies of the BT CotW, but I have not yet with this one. But still feel confident that this week will show/end up in some for of 'success'. Which this card confirms!
"Don't look for trouble"
"Reversed this card foretells a delay to the start of your 'happy ever after'"
Makes me curious! What may be the reason for the delay?!
The Tarot of the Sidhe: Dreamer Two (R) - Half Moon Truce
A mind split in two.
"And two thoughts now must find a path,
To bring both peace and conquer wrath
..." Find the opening between 'obstacles' (mountains). Obstacles and problems probably only for the mind/head, which don't have the 'bigger picture' - the picture and view of The Universe, and it's perfect plans.
Don't look for trouble, as the preceding card reminds us :)
Duality is illusion - we're all one, and in this thing called life together!

I love synchronicity: little magpies youngsters are just now learning to fly in my backyard (the Sidhe card)!