Giver of Crescents, Servants of the Light


Theme: Being a Light Bringer

Card: Giver of Crescents ('Queen of Cups')
"A stormy sea rages close to the shore Out of the wind-tossed water rises the form of the Giver of Crescents; above her head she holds the Prime of Crescents into which the Moon weeps silver tears. These tears will feed whosoever drinks from the Crescent, and act like a Grail for this Aeon."
"The Giver of Crescents stands for a woman who is intuitive and psychic, a clairvoyant, sometimes of great power. A Neptunia type, she can be easily influenced by others; full of dreams and plans, some of which do not often manifest."


"Are you feeling at peace? Did you seek this Tarot reading because you want to know if this good feeling is going to stay with you? Are you having lucid intuition and want to check out your hunches with a foundational psychic science like the Tarot deck? Have you conquered anger with love recently? Did your patience win in the end over the rash decisions of a close friend or lover? Can you tell what others are feeling and help move them toward being all they can be? Has logic taken a back seat to matters of the heart and been found unnecessary in dealing with the world? All of these circumstances contribute to the Queen of Cups emerging in your Tarot reading." (

"When the Queen of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, you are being asked to trust your intuition and pay attention to your feelings and emotions. Lead with your heart, not your head. Be open to receive the intuitive messages flowing to you, be it through your dreams, meditation or visualisation. And 'feel the feels', even if those feelings are tricky or challenging. You are stronger than you know." (biddytarot)

Lead with your heart - not your head.
Which has been the advice or a clear theme since Monday.
It's when I start thinking the "waters (emotions) get stormy", and my feelings are getting tricky or challenging - and when I'm put to the test.
When I have to conquer fear with love.
Thank God I'm stronger than I know.

<3 <3 <3