Gun Girl, PoMo Tarot


Theme: "A postmodern deck for navigating the next millennium"

Card: Gun Girl (~Page of Swords)
"A romantic soul, yearning for inner and world peace, ready to blow away any nay-saying creep."

This girl kind of underlines the scepticism (and reason for it) showed by the girl yesterday, as well as the yin-aspect, (Princess of Wands), and keeps our (read: my) little story going. 
Yes, the stuff found down there in the backwaters of the Shadow (the unconscious), and brought up to daylight (consciousness), is indeed something soft, sensitive and feminine (yin).

A sensitive and sentient girl - who doesn't want to be quieted and neglected (any more/again)! Who just wants to be seen, listened to, included, and experience love and inner peace.

A necessary force/energy/resource for "navigating the next millennia/future".


I've been told that when I was a child I uttered the words "I'm not cried out yet!", when someone was trying to sooth me, and make me stop crying. Of course, as the years went by, I myself was the one trying to stop the tears prematurely - pushing it (her) down, into the very shadows that are being explored and lit up today. It is understandable that she is a bit cranky and moody, after all these years locked away (by myself) in the darkness!


This little story unfolding is (of course) very much in line with earlier dreams of mine (also) - involving silence, fear and Gollum - long stories, to be told some other time. 

Blues from the book accompanying the deck

Deck #85: PoMo Tarot