Hermit + Ten of Wands, Sidhe + Tarot of the Dead


Themes: "The Gift of" + "death"

Reflection: Your gifts comes alive when you die unto thyself. 

"Before we go any further, I want to make it 100% clear that we are not talking about physical death. The premise of dying before you die is to achieve self-liberation and become free from worldly concerns, while continuing to live in this physical life." (TheJoyWithin)

Tarot of the Sidhe: The Hermit
"Onwards we move... onwards...looking deep within, still but never stationary. The waters are deep, and the hill rises high above them, whipped by wind and hidden by the mists of time."
Keywords "Meditation, Solitude, Peace, Contemplation, Research, Learning"
"This Hermit is very much a shaman, one with the task of not only journeying to the depths of the otherworld, but of taking others there and empowering them with their own wisdom."
Tarot of the Dead: 10 Pens ('Ten of Wands')
Wands "Represents the fire of creativity, of putting thought into action. [...] This is a suit of freedom, of active change, and of seized opportunity [...] The secret is immediate doing, with no present thought for the how or why."
Ten "Great challenge"


The Hermit reversed
"You might be too withdrawn from society and desperately in need of the company of others. It also might indicate that although you are very focused on being alone right now, you're still avoiding dealing with your real problems, both internally and externally." (astrology.com)
"The reversed Hermit can go one of two ways: you are not taking enough time for personal reflection, or you are taking too much."
"In a relationship reading, the reversed Hermit can indicate unwelcome isolation. For example, one person may want to be alone or withdraw from the relationship, while the other wants to deepen the connection. You will need to respect each other's request for space but also be there to support as appropriate." (biddy)

Ten of Wands reversed
"In a spiritual context, the Ten of Wands reversed tells you that you must make time for yourself. You may think you are helping others by giving them every bit of energy you have but you are heading for a serious burn out. You must put yourself first or you will be no use to anyone." (thetarotguide) Like "die unto thyself" in a double sense!
"When the Ten of Wands reversed appears in a Tarot reading, it is often a sign that you are trying to do too much by yourself. In your effort to be everything to everyone, you have found yourself struggling under the weight of it all."

"Are you worrying about matters that do not concern you or cannot be changed?"
"On the positive side, if you are going through a challenging time, then the Ten of Wands reversed assures you that this time will soon pass and you will be able to set down this weight." (biddy)