High Priestess + Seven of Cups, Zirkus Mägi + Happy


Themes: "the Circus of Life" + "Don't worry, be happy"

Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi: The Seer ('The High Priestess') (R)
"It is within this realm [the collective unconscious] that The Seer has learned to travel, flying the night wind, delving into the rivers of black water that flow beneath all human experience, returning to us to impart the bare minimum, a tiny fraction of what she has discovered. Indeed, she has journeyed within that realm for such an extensive part of her life that she meets the archetypes on a first-name basis.
Happy Tarot: Seven of Cups (R)
"Everything that is being offered to you is good. There's no way to make a wrong choice. Just take your time and examine all the options before you commit yourself."

I have wandered the un- and subconscious for the greater part of my life. The first 32 years I was helplessly frightened, terrified, lost and "unsupported", the last 8 years the anxious running has turned into curious exploration with the help of Tarot, dreams and astrology (and thousands of hours of books/audio-books authored by wise men and women wandering before me) - blessed are these Gifts from Heaven! (But how difficult it is to share what you "find" "down there"?!)
By now my trust in the unknown and the universe is strong. I know everything is exactly as it should. That nothing is good or bad. That my decks and dreams guide me were I need to go, and to what I need to know and learn. In every moment I make the best to my knowledge, as much in alignment with my soul's needs and the universe's "wishes" I possibly can.
But every now and then the pattern of 'second guessing' creeps in. The head tells me to start worry! - about the hopelessly gone past, or the for ever unknowable future. Did I really say/do the right thing? Was that reeeeeally the smartest choice?! What if this or that happen...? What if he/she thinks/does this or that...? With the grand finale, "You will most certainly die alone - you are totally and utterly unbearable - no one will ever stand you and 'your ways' for a stretched period of time!"
Many are the voices in me that still pop up and try to outvoice the voice of 'The Seer' in me.
Aren't these un-evictable voices in our heads, loving to show off and 'make a circus', just the loveliest roomies ever?!