Infinite Abundance, Sacred Traveler


Theme: "life is a spiritual quest"

Deck: Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards
Card: Infinite Abundance 
"Everything is blossoming and bearing fruit now! Open yourself to receive. The prosperity you seek is being activated. A stream of abundance in all areas of life is ready to flow into your life. The Creator desires that you prosper . Take action in the direction of your dreams. This is not the time to passively wait for prosperity to fall into your lap."
"The Sacred Traveler Wants You to Know: Life goes in cycles; there are times when fields lay fallow, and there are also times of harvest. Right now you are moving toward a harvest time to receive an outpouring of money, energy, time, or love. However, you must first know that you deserve it...and you do."
"...the Sacred Traveler shares the bounty and even volunteers to help others bring in their crops. This is the time to give deeply and fully of who you are and what you have, for the more you truly give, the more you receive. It's a universal law. As you focus on gratitude for what you already have, your abundance will grow leaps and bounds."
Spiritually speaking I guess it's right that Abundance (lessons) are pouring into my life? Otherwise it must be a notion that I have to look at abundance in a new way (reversed). There were talk about the importance of reconsidering "value" in yesterday's cards.