Judgement, Jungian Tarot


Progress Report - "How you doin'?"

I'm such a fan of Jung, and I think I've read most of his works (it's were my journey 'truly begun' back in 2014)!

I can't say I connect with this deck, nor the book Tarot Psychology by Robert Wang, though.
But, I have many decks I don't 'connect with'.
To shake my head out of comfortable ways of seeing things. 
To practice accepting and appreciating other world views than my own.
To shake me out of seeing only what I want to see, out of any lingering tendencies to "have all the answers", and out of a ... "Judgmental disposition".
(look back a couple of days and you find a world domineering lady and a king with a stick up his ass describing some archetypes of mine (: ).

If I only had decks I like and connect with, I wouldn't get these daily reminders from the cards/universe!
And, it's easier processing these things at home, alone, in you own pace - than in conversations with "real people" (:

As I have nearly 200 decks, and pick them randomly (random number generator), I know the message I get is 'right'.
And my head never know what's going to come.
200 * 78 is 15600 different cards/messages/images.

It's quite the process and 'system' I've built to get my head to see/accept that it doesn't have all the answers.
That it doesn't know what's best and right, from a universal and evolutionary perspective.
That it doesn't even know what's best for ME!
It has so many wishes and wants that just don't contribute to my (or others) long-term happiness and sense of fulfillment (no matter how 'well intended', 'common sense' and rationally substantiated)! :D
It just have no sense about what my soul needs!
(Mercury squaring moon Nodes)
It a quite painful process.
(Chiron squaring them from the other side, in 8th)

Deck: Jungian Tarot
Theme: "you are what you do, not what you say you'll do"
Card: Judgement
"interim report on the progress of the soul toward "liberation""

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