Justice, Art of Love Tarot


Theme: "The Art of Being Unconditional Love"

Deck: Art of Love Tarot
Card: The Divine Order - Equilibrium ('Justice')
"It is not the nature of the Universe to judge what is wrong or right. The Universe seeks harmony and constantly shifts into balance so that She can fulfil her potential."
"...giving us the opportunity to shift our perception and see a situation in its entirety. From here, you will begin to understand that there is no right or wrong, for a thing or an event is not good or bad in itself. It is only through opinion and context that something may be judged."
"...you must look at every aspect of your life from a fresh perspective in order to restore your balance. Step back and weigh up all sides. Keep shifting your viewpoint until you feel centred and only then make a decision. You can heal a situation by balancing the negatives with the positives. An imbalance can be reconciled through a loving response. You are being asked to not take something personally, but to step outside of a situation to see the bigger picture. All things come from love." - Art of Love Tarot