Justice, Mary-el Tarot


Theme: "Landscapes of the Abyss (the unconscious)"

Deck: Mary-el Tarot (1st edition)
Card: Justice VIII
The card of cause-and-effect. Fairness. 
"Ma'at means truth." Ma'at, the goddess weighing the heart in Duat. 
"In the 7 you conquer the outside world, and in the 8 you conquer your self."
"As challenging as your great work was, now your esoteric work begins. To look in the mirror and honestly see the person within with no embellishment or flourish is difficult, but when one sees himself clearly he sees the outer world clearly as well and illusions and projections fall away."
"Seeing things the way the really are, the inside vision matching the reality of the outside vision."
In life, there's always (or at least, I believe, should be) periods of action and periods of rest and reflection taking turns. Now is a period, long or short, for contemplation. What effects have your recent actions had? How does it feel? Does your heart feel light or heavy? What's bubbling up inside, from your inner abyss? Reflect, connects some dots, and look forward (not look back and get stuck in regret or blame - yourself or others).