Justice, Rabbit Tarot


Theme: "managing/facing fear"

Aren't we all struck by fear when being or feeling unjustly treated somehow?
Unjust in our own perception.
And maybe also in the eyes of your friends, and your closed ones.
And sure - the scales could totally "way to your favour" - fact wise.
But what to do?
How to act without judgement?
How to not act from that place of fear?
How to reach that peaceful place inside you, and act from that.
For you own personal benefit (it feels better to act from that place), and for the sake of humankind (raising the global energies and putting more love into the world - instead of fear/anger/judgment)

I think much lies is acceptance, and patience. 
The advice I received in my spontaneous random two-card-spread yesterday sums it up nicely.
Non-confrontation, and following the stars, and your soul - instead of the "insulted ego", who is the one "feeling wrongly treated".
The soul can never be or feel insulted.

Try to look at things in a fresh, un-biased, way.
Take your time and really try to look at things differently - maybe in a totally opposite (reversed) way.
Can you find a way to look at things that makes you feel peaceful?
Follow that thread :)

Card: Justice (R)