Justice + Six of Pent's, Venetian Carnival + Insight


Themes: "persona management and psychological functions" + "spontaneous epiphanies produces different visions of events"

Two times scales...!

Venetian Carnival Tarot: Justice
"Now when the flood of emotions was left behind, it is the time to observe, analyze, and justify the matter. In the Justice card, thinking (air) dominates, and the power of the mind helps to keep the balance of life, and not to fall into its extremities, making it measured, weighted, and cut. The Justice' figure, which holds a scales in the left hand and a sword in the right hand, personifies the eighth stage of transmutation, weighing of all sides of an issue and balancing all its facets to make a right decision.
Carl Jung said, "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling." And more, "The creative mind plays with the objects it loves."
Not only anger and hate but also a surplus of joy are prerequisites for future troubles. Drawing this card indicates a situation of making decisions and choices, sometimes difficult ones, rejecting ego-centric pleasures of life. Your feelings are important, but now be prepared to cut them without remorse if necessary. It's time to balance your life.
"An ability to make decisions, restricting extreme emotions and preventing them from extending into the future."
Insight Tarot: Six of Pentacles
"Harmony between 'to give' and 'to take'"
"...represents the principle of providing and receiving resources."
"Here the relations of fair and harmonious exchange become a resource"
"When being generous, showing magnanimity and compassion, and letting the energy freely circulate, we gain access to the abundancy of the whole Universe and development of our own personality."
"readiness to share [its] excesses to achieve fair balance"
"Understanding feelings and needs of other people; openness, honesty, generosity"
"A satisfying, sustainable decision"