King of Cups, Anna K Tarot


Not a day to sit by the fire!

But a day to stay on top of your emotions.
Considering that the Mercury retrograde season is just initiated, it might be that "something happens" that twist your head or rub you the wrong way a little. Making you WISH that you were sitting by a fire reading a book, with yourself as only company..!

But now is not the time for solemn contemplation.
There are things to do - and doing them arises emotions/feelings to manage. Your own, and the feelings/reactions of others as well - in terms of showing compassion, and trying to understand, instead of judging.

Which - if you ask me - is the most important work we in life. 
Managing feelings, emotions and reactions that arises while we are doing what we are doing 'in the outer life'.
The outer life is merely a tool, if you look at it this way.

The classic: it's not WHAT you do - it's HOW you do it.

What you do isn't merely means to an end. What you do IS the end.
Eeeh....that didn't come out right...
You know what I mean!

The NOW is all there is!
Do/say what's (most) right (least wrong) in the present - not because of later, not because of 'making something happen'. But with compassion, understanding and care for life.
As much empowerment as possible for all involved.
Including firm personal boundaries, but without attack/defense.
We are all humans. We all make mistakes. 

There's basically no such thing as him/her/them 'not respecting my boundaries', there's only vague boundaries.
And if that's upsetting you - you know you have them vague boundaries somewhere ;)
Not communicating them (knowing them for yourself clearly) clearly - in words/action. 


And today it seems as if at least I will get yet another chance to "work on this"! 

Deck: Anna K Tarot
Theme: "don't be afraid to be human"
Card: King of Cups (R)