King of Cups, Hobbit Tarot


Theme: An Unexpected Journey

Card: King of Cups
"An emotionally aware man, able to give and receive love."
"...this person has a positive influence on what is going on."
"Reversed, it shows you are being undermined or enthralled by someone. Time for greater self-acceptance."
I think both is highly relevant!
I think someone can have a positive influence on you/what's going on, all the while having an enthralling effect.
If the person that "enthralls" me triggers weak spots (the sense of being undermined), and I choose to work on taking my defences down and work on my self-acceptance (instead of letting myself be undermined) - and I raise my capacity for giving and receiving the love from that emotionally capable person (but firstly from my self of course) - isn't that what "having a positive influence" is about? 

Generally speaking, it's all just a choice away. To a great part it is I that chose what kind of influence a person have on me. If I chose to learn and grow when triggered (whether "enthralled" or irritated), or just react and act (reducing myself or expressing irritation). That is, I can chose to react on the behalf of triggered Frightened Parts of my personality, or I can try to find the most Loving Part of my personality I can in the moment and act from that one instead!
Of course, in "reality", things aren't always that easy when feeling agitated or small :)
But that's what I'm in the Earth School to learn!