King of Cups + The Lovers, Gendron + New Chapter


Let's see were these cards might take us, shall we?!

I read for the King: "dishonesty, injustice, unscrupulous"
And we have The Lovers, also reversed.
We might be looking at a relationship not working at its best because of energies of recklessness, ignorance of emotions and feelings. A relationship things are not as tightly intertwined like in the card.
I read for The Lovers: "strained relationships or unequal love", "disconnection from what inspires you"

The Lovers is also a card about choice. Of Values. 
So maybe we look at a relationship in which what's valued, and honored, diverge?

Whether the King is representing you or 'the other', you seem to be presented with a choice to realign with YOUR emotions and core values.

Decks: "Life is a project of art" (Gendron Tarot) + "new chapter in life/the matter at hand" (New Chapter Tarot)

There's nothing wrong going on. It's not about this person "not being right" for you, or that it is/was a bad choice to hook up or hang around together. Life is a project. Everyone we meet, we meet for a reason. For learning, for growth.
Instead of getting stuck on another's eventual bad behavior, or your own mistakes made, you are presented with the opportunity to 'choose again'. What do YOU value, who do YOU want to be? No matter what others value, or how they behave.
This relationship/person is now giving you the chance to delve deep into yourself - and choose from a place of Love rather than blame or shame (acts/thoughts from fear - of something). 

Don't let another "be the reason" for you to disconnect from what inspires you, from who you truly are! Don't "make things work".
And, there's never your job to 'fix' someone else - that's their own job, their responsibility!
ESPECIALLY if it 'helping' them means you disconnecting from what inspires you and/or from your core - then you're on the wrong track baby!

Turn the page, write a New Chapter!
The opportunity is right in front of you - seize it!

P.S. A New Chapter doesn't mean the LAST Chapter