King of Reels, Tarot of the Dead


Theme: death/rebirth

It's just so lovely that this deck makes it's first appearance now!

Yesterday, immediately after a quite drama-tic (with emphasis on drama) event I frantically reached for my digital Holy Light Tarot - to help me shine a light on the just passed bewildering event - and pulled ... Death!

"The totality of the dissolution forces the soul the gather up and evacuate"
"When this card comes up in a reading people tend to panic. This is not because it always means a literal death, but because of the much more real and frightening possibility of radical and permanent change with no going back."
" is thrown back on one's personal cultivation to date, where the individual's unique evolution and innate responses make all the differences in how things turn out."
"...we experience intimately the breakdown that makes the alchemical recombination possible."
"...without undergoing the "separation of the quick and dead" ... it is not possible to purify and evolve"
" is necessary to completely reframe our understanding of ourselves, our potentials, even our very purpose for living."
"Now what will we do with ourselves?"

"...the path of the Phoenix or Firebird"

"It is also wise to remember that in situations where no healing is possible, a good death can be the very best outcome. The Death card can be paradoxical in that sometimes a termination will represent the best outcome for all concerned. A situation that cannot be redeemed in its fullness can at least be disassembled and/or recycled, leaving any useful parts to go forward to new applications."
Go down with the ship, or survive and start over?
"In either case, nothing will ever be the same again; one is tasked with finding new reasons to go on."
"...there is always something new growing out of the carcass of the old."
"Those who are observant are likely to discover sprouting seeds of future possibilities springing up as a result. We have only to cultivate them while remaining open to the mystery of life!"

(I also pulled an oracle card, telling me "not to let situations gone out of control to control me", or something like that)


So, very suiting with The Tarot of the Dead today (1 of 148 decks).

Card: King of Reels ('King of Pentacles')
"Head of a household. Success."
Reversed: "Underachiever. Malcontent."


I'm failing to be the Head of my Household (house/home/residence/body/wholeness/totality)
I'm not successful in the way I'm currently practising 'standing my ground' - I let myself be emotionally swept away (that is, I let myself be controlled by my agitated Frightened Parts, and react instead of respond - or, stay involved in things instead of leaving)
I'm not working at my full potential for the time being
I'm not performing to my ability at the moment
My Frightful Parts/Ego gets stuck in feelings of Malcontent, and feelings of being misunderstood - while the Soul patiently waits for it to give up the fight for outside acknowledgement, acceptance and understanding. "You have it all inside" it whispers calmly. "You are already whole".


But, nothing is broken.
Nothing happens that is out of order - universally and evolutionary speaking.
It just can't.
Everything is what it is. (That is, no amount of bad conscience or blaming can change The Now)
It's neither good or bad (although the Ego would like to suggest otherwise)
There's nothing to solve, nothing to reach - only transformation to go through. One Now at the time.
It's the circle of life, it's the curriculum of the Earth School.
Teachings around every corner - in every step.
It's the mystery of life 

I will proceed as usual. Reflect on my emotions, reactions, my dreams, cards, and of course The Greater Meaning Beyond My Comprehension (disassemble and/or recycle). Find any useful parts to go forward to new applications.

I will rise from the aches of my burnt emotions, dust of my metaphorical pants, and skippetyskip on - deeply grateful for being blessed with yet another important lesson from Life itself (although parts of me mutter, and have not fully accepted, understood and processed it yet)! 

Thank You Life, I AM grateful
I'm just not conscious and present enough to show it in an all-inclusive way yet! <3