King of Pentacles + Ten of Cups, Circle of Life + Chrysalis


Themes: the circle of life + budding transformation

Circle of Life Tarot: King of Pentacles
"To succeed in resolving the most difficult situations, we must first think that others have faced and overcome them."
Chrysalis Tarot: Ten of Mirrors ('Ten of Cups')
"This card is about just letting things be. Very little effort on your part is required now. Trying to control a romantic situation could send it afoul. The Ten of Mirrors indicates you've attained a significant goal and are well prepared when opportunity kicks in."


"The King of Pentacles knows that a methodical, planned and well-thought-out approach will lead you to success. You have experimented in the past with what works best and have landed on your own methods and practices you know will continue to work for you in the future. Continue down this path rather than trying new ways of doing things. You do not need to take any more risks." (biddy)


Do as I usually do - and not become 'overly creative and smart' - and let things unfold naturally. Don't risk it.