King of Pent's + Five of Wands, Poet Tarot + Fantasy Showcase


Themes: "innovative approach" + "yang collaboration" or "outside known boundaries" or "overcoming separation"

The Fantasy Showcase is a co-lab deck, edited by a male.

"Within one collaborative deck you get to sample so many works from different artists, which is not only a treat for the eyes but also shows you how diverse approaches to the cards can be." (aeclectic)

It has some extra cards to it. 'Separation', 'The Farrier' and 1 lady in each suit. It's a deck from 1980, that is out of print. Mine smells like leather!

"The Farrier, is a logical extension of the force-flow of the Major Arcana, which ordinarily stops with the World, not taking into consideration that the World is no longer an appropriate final boundary." (From the Fantasy Showcase Booklet)

There's a vague explanation for the Separation card in the booklet, but to me Separation is about:
"This sense of separation is an intrinsic part of the ego. The ego loves to strengthen itself by complaining-either in thoughts or words-about other people, the situation you find yourself in, something that is happening right now but "shouldn't be," and even about yourself." (oprah)

My Ego is very much obsessed with "shouldn't be" and "should" thoughts in general now. "I should be more appreciated/wanted", "I should be working with something that I'm passionate about", "I shouldn't be/feel so alone" are only some of the nagging thoughts the Ego keep producing and repeating.
My Ego feels very separated from the World, and wants to protect itself from the pain of this feeling by withdrawing - which ironically only strengthens the feeling of separation..!


So, "innovative approach" regarding 'Separation', or cooperate with/integrate this rational, reasoning, thinking yang-force?
How to innovatively brake the Ego's 'Separation fixation'?


The Poet Tarot: Walt Whitman - King of Letterpresses ('King of Pentacles)
"Whitman was deeply influenced by deism. He denied any one faith was more important than another, and embraced all religions equally. In "Song of Myself", he gave an inventory of major religions and indicated he respected and accepted all of them-a sentiment he further emphasized in his poem "With Antecedents", affirming: "I adopt each theory, myth, god, and demi-god, / I see that the old accounts, bibles, genealogies, are true, without exception"." (wiki)
The Fantasy Showcase Tarot: Five of Wands
"The Struggle of life; fierce competition"


By staying open - 'embrace all religions'. Which includes embracing the Ego, and not engage in fights with it. It feels like a struggle, but is in fact it's just the Meaning of Life - accepting the ego (Frightened Parts), not fight it, but chose not to react on its behalf.  
Let everything be as it is, do what needs to be done in the moment, and act from the most loving part of myself even when fear is prominent inside. 

It's very hard, painful, stressful and frustrating but deeply strengthening and calming at the same time.
It's very challenging. One of the most challenging periods in my life I think - physically mirrored in my body through a strange (muscle?) knot coming and going close to my solar plexus (it disappears when I squeeze it, but returns). I dreamed about it tonight. I dreamed that it was because of a little brown plastic animal that I had swallowed. A strange looking kind of deer. Which was ripe to be squeezed out in my dream. No blood or pus.