King of Pent's + Page of Cups, Hobbit + Bosch


Theme: "an unexpected journey" + "skewed perspectives"

Hobbit Tarot: King of Pentacles (R)
"at top of their trade or profession" That old man doesn't really seem to the most alert business leader. Looking rather asleep - suiting with the reversed direction of the card, and the "lazy" man not holding to his promises that I have to cope with now.
reversed "Financially inept, obsessed with wealth and status, stubborn" (biddy)
Bosch Tarot: Page of Cups (R)
"Confusion. One chooses whether to face the world as a friend or a foe" It's such a confusing situation. I'm not used to persons not keeping promises, and I'm certainly not use to persons totally omitting said promises even when reminded, again and again. And again, and again. And coming with no explanations, no answers, even no excuses. And in fact NO words at all - apart from making new promises...

How to manage and approach a person 'just sitting there', with his very own skewed view of the world - complaining over all the lazy and incompetent persons in his life - while not managing to fulfil his own responsibilities and promises?

The Answer Is Simple: Change the Scenery
"Your ego has narrowed your view, and it looks as though you have few options. It's time to get back to Spirit. Shake things up and free yourself by changing the scenery."
"There's so much more life for you to enjoy, and your Spirit is calling you back to the banquet. The ego lacks imagination and believes that there's nothing more than what you see in front of you."
"Don't allow your ego to resist or keep you chained in."