King of Swords, Tarot of Trees


Maybe you just can't 'figure out' the best course of action right now, but dearly want to.
Maybe you think that you should be able to 'get out of this', or 'find a solution'.

But chances are that if you don't just (intuitively) 'know' what to do/say, it might be best to 'let things be' - no matter how uncomfortable. And "leave it to God" (the Universe).
'The Universe' manages the whole planetary system, and Created you in the womb - it's totally capable of taking care of things for you, right now, too! 
The best path can't be 'figured' out.

Things ARE happening, albeit slow.
Trust that.

Theme: "Slow Steady Organic Growth"

Card: King of Swords (R)
The King of Swords "...holds onto the sword tightly, ready to pull it forth." To me it rather looks stuck.
Represents " intelligent and analytical person who is able to both understand and articulate difficult subjects to others." But maybe the circumstances for this talent to play out isn't that great at the moment (rev) and that feels frustrating. 
The King of Swords is " to see the correct course of action" Maybe you aren't (rev) and that's fine. Because, for some reason or another (beyond your grasp) things have to be just the way they are right now. 

You will KNOW what to say/do when the time is ripe to say and/or do something!
Relax the 'figuring out', and thinking you have to 'take/be in control'.
Focus on being in control of yourself :)