King of Swords, Today's Journey


Theme: expansion (a deck created by Expanding Dimensions) or "one day at the time"

Card: Father of Air ('King of Swords')
"Analytical, Detachment, Integrity"
"The Father of Air is a goal oriented, critical thinker. Being airborne, he is literally detached from the earth. The pilot is in control. His cool, analytical thinking produces the proper action to fly the plane. The controls, highlighted in yellow, represent his attention to detail. The passengers and crew trust his integrity to keep them safe."
"In a reading, this card could represent a person (male or female) or a situation. The person is cool and emotionally detached. It may be difficult to break through his demeanor. Appeal to his logic. He could be an excellent negotiator and detail oriented worker. He could be controlling because he believes he is right. In a situation you may need to look at the details to find the truth. There may be a need for detachment from the situation or you may be required to get more involved. Be honest with yourself. Take control."

Reversed, but no such interpretation available for this deck.