King of Swords, True Black


Rational logic wont help you in the dark!
(intuitive logic might - but then you REALLY have to know the difference)

When you're in (for you) brand new uncharted territory or when you're dabbling with too much new or unknown parameters, rational logic just isn't the best tool for navigation!
The deck and card really amplify each other/the message!

Combine this card/message with the energies of the ongoing Mercury retrograde, and it's easy to draw the conclusion that reasoning your way forward is a path to failure. Now more than usual, so to speak. 

Most probably you don't have enough information for reasoning to work right now. You might THINK you do, or that you 'know the answer/way' - but... you don't :)
Like it or not - doesn't really matter! But acceptance would certainly help you, and/or speed up the process :)

There are still pieces of the puzzle missing. Or things that haven't happened yet. Or things/people not ready yet. Or unfinished business of yours.
So, "get back to work"!
You know - the creative stuff of yesterday! 

Don't let your head talk you out of this (again) ;)
With distractions. 
Yesterday, pleasures. Today, rational reasoning.
The ego's "reasonable" talks are SO alluring - don't take the bite!

Deck: True Black Tarot
Theme: "in darkness (the unknown) you must navigate by the stars" (as you haven't enough experience/information to go by)
Card: King of Swords (R)