King of Swords, White Cats Tarot


Theme: integrity - pure intention

"Integrity often requires courage. It takes courage to challenge a frightened part of your personality, for example, to not act in anger when you are angry and to listen respectfully when you feel superior. You act courageously each time you choose to act with love while you are experiencing fear. Courage is always required where will and fear intersect. What could be a better use of your courage than to create with love?
When you hold the intention of love, when you act with the intention of love, you align yourself with your soul, and you are in integrity
" (

Card: King of Swords
"There are final judgements that need to be faced"


I've entered and just started an exciting 21-day spiritual challenge.
Today's task:
Watch your thoughts like a hawk!

Watch your thoughts and your actions following them.
Don't do anything else. Don't try to change anything. Just observe.


"Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts a day. That's an average of 2500 - 3,300 thoughts per hour. That's incredible. 
If you pay attention to these thoughts, you would be amazed to discover that most of them are useless, unimportant thoughts that pass through the mind with a huge speed."

"...identify your negative thinking styles and gain a better understanding of how your thoughts (and not the situations you are in) cause your emotional reactions."

"Your intentions are your nonphysical causes that set energy into motion. They create a multitude of effects and, therefore, determine the experiences of your life.
If you don't choose different intentions consciously, unconscious parts of your personality (the frightened parts) will choose them for you, along with the consequences they will create for you.
To change the experiences of your life (for example, from angry to appreciative, or from fearful to joyful) requires becoming aware of the intentions you are choosing moment to moment, and the experiences you encounter, and then making the connections between your intentions and your experiences.

Deck #29: The White Cats Tarot