King of Wands, Chalice Tarot


It's ok to not be 'on top of your game' all the time.
There are rainy days in life too! (a fact right now where I live :))

It's how it is, and it's ok to take care only what (really) have to be taken care of.
It's ok to have days when you're not bursting of creativity and an energy to 'see things through'. 

It might very well be called an incubation period.
It's built into the very nature of life.
Periods when actually nothing 'needs' to happen on the outside, because life is 'doing its thing' inside - and that might be why you're feeling tired, because inside is were the energy is needed now!
Don't try to drag it out!!

Times and days when nothing other than the 'basics' needs to be done. 
"Chopping wood, carrying water."
Pay some bills maybe, prepare meals. 

Sit calmly in your comfy chair, because it might just be that today is not a day for outer progress, or the day your 'inner entrepreneur, leader and creative visionary' must shine!

At least that's how I interpret and read my "anxious tiredness" (after a period of challenges and outward progress) and the rainy (cuddle inside) weather outside my window!
Rain kindly and "coincidentally" taking a short break for exactly the period I had to go outside and morning feed and muck after the horses.

Deck: Chalice Tarot
Theme: "navigating times of fear/hope, uncertainty and anxiety"
Card: King of Wands (R)
Having the "heart in the right place"