King of Wands + Four of Wands, Insight Tarot + Lost Tarot of Nostradamus


Themes: "spontaneous epiphanies produces different visions of events" + "Once buried, but found again"

Insight Tarot: King of Wands (R)
"Leadership qualities, will, lust for life, and passion - these are the main traits of King of Wands. Manhood, ownership, and responsibility are attached."
Reversed... "A destructive or inappropriate model of behavior; arrogance, hubris, stubbornness, aggressive autocracy; "hollow macho""
"Hidden infantilism and problems with manly self-esteem"
"Problems with effectiveness of management, loss of power and control; a system suffering from poor management; a result is not reached or is eroded"
Oftentimes, sadly, this is an accurate description of him.
Lost Tarot of Nostradamus: IV Suns ('Four of Wands')
"...coming home to a joyful welcome."
The feeling of "found (the once burried) home", if only for a moment!