King of Wands, Lost Code of Tarot


More inside job.
Things to arrange. 

The King of Wands - in reverse - two days in a row!
But with different flavors (themes).

Yesterday, leaning back. Letting things settle. Monitor that basic things was carried through. "Chopping wood, carrying water".
Today, there seems to be the need for some quiet organizing. Still at "the home office" (inside/reverse), not 'out there'. 
It's not about 'setting things in motion', but rather preparing/organizing for when things start to move (again).

It might not be totally straight-forward what needs to be done, and/or in what order - some 'decoding' may be required. Do not haste today.
Or, it might not be straight-forward WHY things have to be done (which might be annoying to the ego/head), but just proceed slowly, feel your way forward, and you will 'crack the code'!


I have had to begin my day by looking over and do some organizing and changes regarding homepages, domains, invoice programs and such, due to updates and changes made in the programs I use.
Not downright 'hacking code', but the organizing work of ensuring a 'working digital foundation' :)


Deck: Lost Code of Tarot
Theme: "Origin and meaning yet to be decoded"
Card: King of Wands