King of Wands, Tarot of Eden


When quiet decisions and firm, anchored resoluteness speak louder than words!

The necessity to keep your inner fire under control.
By not "letting anyone else quench it", and by keeping your attitudes about it in check. 
Again - the "High Quality No"!
Saying no without lowering or spilling your energies.
Heaven (Paradise) and Hell aren't physical places, they are places you put yourself in.
Hell - when you act, do or speak out of Fear.
Heaven - when you act, do or speak out of Love, and from that calm place deep inside you. 

Sometimes to most loving thing is to say no - and politely show the perpetrator to the way out of your Paradise :)
For now. 
And there are times when you don't even have to 'explain yourself', or your No - but just make an inward decision - and act accordingly.
And consistently.

The Ego might resist (another way to interpret the reverse). The Ego might want to DO more. And mostly - SAY more. Because the Ego/head is stuck in the belief that there's someone Out There to 'blame'. Someone out there who 'needs to hear'...!
Haven't you tried that before?
Did THAT make you feel like you're in heaven afterwards?!
Maybe you were (and ARE) right - but did it Feel Good?!

"You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level." ~Eckhart Tolle

And then embody that You.

The Eden Tarot.
Theme: "before the fall"
Card: King of Wands (R)
Body made of Ginko tree
Someone who "...takes decisions and possesses will-power."
"...can take decisions and change fate in one way or another
"powerful, realistic"

How can you quietly take a stand, and change your fate/build your own heaven on Earth?