King of Wands + Temperance, Heart of Stars + Voodoo


Themes: "managing the spotlight" + "sacrifice, or you have to give (offer) to receive/radiate to attract"

First got the Heart of Stars King, and soon thought about the importance of just continuing "being myself", despite "disliking the situation". Despite "what others may think". And not to starts "trying to achieve" this and that - that is the "results I want". As the results "I" want might not be what my soul wants, and may certainly not be the overall/long-term best. So, as I'm really trying to - showing the person I want to be ('managing the spotlight') no matter how I feel and no matter what my head thinks. And to not give up this, and don't give in to the thoughts that go "there's no use", "what's the point". And I guess, to dare stay put in the spotlight, despite feeling low by the lack of "desired results" - that the situation doesn't seem to change, in any direction at all...!
But wasn't thrilled to accept this I think. Asked whether to draw another card. Yes.
Voodoo Tarot. 
Isn't this a strange mix?
Ah. Nah. It immediately stresses the presence and importance of 'sacrifice'. That nothing comes for free. You have to give to get, radiate to attract. And a card that said pretty much exactly what my thoughts did! To use my will and energy in the direction I want to go - invest it in the person I want to be, and in the person and want to "show off". 
Especially in times of "distress" - that's when it becomes a 'sacrifice'. An honest ritual, a "gift to the gods", a "prayer for good harvest". 
Showing that I want things to change, working for things to change - and not just sit on my ass wishing for it and talk about it.

These kinds of challenges really are the toughest. The 24/7 "being-challenges" in distressing situations, and to muster the energy to do "pointless things" - it would be so much easier if I could just DO something to "get out of/solve it"!

Heart of Stars Tarot: King of Wands
"In medieval iconography it represented the man who never lost the peace of his soul and could go through the fires of passion unscathed"
" about energy, passion, having a vision and putting plans into action."
"...a very curious and honest man: he is very devoted to his career, family and love. He lives life to the fullest and loves company."
"...encourages you to state clearly your intention in order to manifest your vision more rapidly and clearly into the world"
The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot: Ti Bon Ange (Temperance) - Small Good Angel
"Will, Art, Temperance"
"Remember who you are."
"A person's individuality is in many respects defined by the roads or paths he or she chooses."
"...the exercise and development of will. Will has been described by Aleister Crowley as the factor that points in the direction of the most proper placing of energies, to an individual's unique plan in the universe - that place where you are doing what you and you alone can do." <3
"A call to action based on who you are and your place in the world; assertion of self; discovery of the True Self; an overcoming of obstacles to the expression of the True Self."