Knave of Pentacles, Dream Enchantress Tarot


Theme: dare to dream so you can reawaken to your life

Card: Knave of Pentacles ('Page of Pentacles')
"Go slowly, taking careful, steady steps."


"The North Node is the single most important point in the describes what your Soul wants to learn and experience in this life."

"If you're a Leo North Node and you're ever in doubt, you just need to think of yourself as an actor [...] Like an actor does on screen or stage, you need to live your life in a way that is about presence, charisma, creativity, and a heartfelt, personal connection to others."

(excerpt from my my configuration


"If you want a strong career year, this is it." 

" can make decisions about where you are headed for the next set of years. Pick a new path or life direction."

"Generally, any solar return year that has a major Uranus-Sun aspect also has a corresponding significant life change or development"

"The CHALLENGE for the coming year when the Sun moves to the 7th house is to use your successes and skills to build cooperative and fulfilling partnerships. The ASSETS from the previous year when the Sun was in the 1st house is personal achievement as a stepping stone to business success."

(excerpts from my 19/20 Solar Return overview)


"Dare to dream so you can reawaken to your life"

Deck #26: Dream Enchantress Tarot