Knight of Cups, Dreams of Gaia Tarot


Theme: "wishes and/or thoughts/comments from the Earth" or "for the sake of The Earth/humankind"

Deck: Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Card: The Counsellor ('Knight of Cups')
Keywords "Empathetic, Wise, Objective, Advice, Trustworthy, Emotional Understanding, Clarity, Sharing"
"Listen. Listen. HEAR"
"An emotionally complex situation"
"An opportunity for understanding"
"Be receptive not rejective"
"A time of questions and mixed emotions"
Meaning "The Counsellor of Water represents one who stands high - an elder, advisor, or wise man or woman whom the king or queen calls upon to discuss their feelings regarding a situation or experience of concern. She, or he, is someone who is trusted; they are a caring, compassionate person who will listen attentively, only interrupting the flow ta ask a question if there is need.
Once the tale is told, the counsellor offers her thoughts in an objective manner. Her role is not to give instruction, but to present alternatives and insight that will help the seeker understand the thoughts and feelings that may be clouding their judgement.
She is an empathetic person, skilled at stepping outside of herself to look through the eyes of others. She never judges, and offers only compassion and the opportunity to understand the emotions at play. By asking the right questions, she helps people to come to their own conclusions about what feels right for them and how to proceed from that point.
When the Counsellor appears in a reading, she symbolises a need to be empathetic and objective when dealing with emotionally complex situations. If you can, look beyond the words being spoken to see the emotions behind them.
"There may also be a time approaching that will require you to keep your emotions in check, especially if they are confused."